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Calendar of Events


6/8, Saturday
, 9am-3pm —Swap Meet. Adam’s County Museum 9601 E. Henderson Rd.

6/22, Saturday, 11:30 am —General Meet-ing. Davies’ Chuck Wagon, 26th and Kip-ling.

*7/14, Sunday
, 10-2-Fairmont Car Show. 430 S Quebec St.. (Staging for club entry time and place TBD.)

7/27, Saturday, 11:30 am —General Meet-ing. Davies’ Chuck Wagon, 26th and Kip-ling.

* 8/10, Saturday
, 9:30am —Western Min-ing Museum Tour. Meet at the Castle Rock Walmart,

8/24, Saturday, —General Meeting. Venue and time TBD.

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President's Letter

Friends of the Model T:

Summer is just 2 weeks away and we have some tours planned. We will be going up north and down south. Check the upcoming events on the back of the front page. The Fair-mount car show is July 14th. If you have not signed up yet please give me a call. We are going to meet in a trailer park-ing area and we will go in as a group so we can park togeth-er.

The Swap Meet held on June 8th is likely behind us as you read this. The Board is planning to discuss how things went and if we might want to do this next year at our next meet-ing. The June Board meeting will be held on Saturday, June 22, at Davies following the General meeting. The General Meeting and Lunch starts at 11:30a.m. If you have some ideas, complaints, or suggestions about the Swap give a Board member a call or stick around after lunch at Davies. Yum.

Safe Travels,

Brian Golden