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Calendar of Events


*April 20th, Saturday, 8 am —Woodrow Wilson Car Show. Woodrow Wilson Academy. 8300 W. 94th Ave.

4/27, Saturday, 11:30am—General Meeting. Davies’ Chuckwagon Diner, 26th & Kipling
Board Meeting is afterward.

*May 24th, Friday, 5 pm — Lakeside Pot Luck and General Meeting.
5825 W. 44th Ave.

*May 27th, Monday --Meet at 8 across the street from the McDonalds on 6050 Parkway Dr. and move to our staging spot at 8:45.

June 8th, Saturday, 9-3 — Swap Meet. Adam’s County Museum 9601 E. Henderson Rd.

* Designates a points tour*

Download calendar spreadsheet of planned events and tour partiipants for 2018 here:

Planned Events 2018

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Instructions for securing the car signs to your Model T windows: Securing car sigs.pdf

President's Letter

Friends of the Model T:

We had a capacity crowd for our Kickoff lunch at Davies Chuck Wagon. Four T’s and one A were on display in front, a good turnout of cars considering the dicey weather we had that morning. Ron Jackson shared the first version of this year’s event calendar. Sharon Miller has included events that affect our scheduling. I think this will help us avoid planning our events on dates when members want to go to other events. I think I picked conflicting dates for our Banquet the last three years.

The Board will place a copy of the calendar on the webpage. If you want a copy mailed to you and do not have access to the internet give me a call. The Board is meeting Saturday, 4/6/19 at 10:00, Panera, 38th and Lowell. The Woodrow Wilson Car show is 4/20. This is a great local show to benefit a school. Come to the show and visit or if you can bring a T. We are looking for parking for trucks and trailers close to Woodrow Wilson. We can caravan to the school and park as a group. We will send out an email with details. If you do not have email give me a call.

Lakeside Potluck is May 24th. Please give me a call or send me an email so I can add you to the list for tickets. If you have not driven your T to Lakeside and can trailer, please consider bringing it to our “Gate Side Car Show” there is lots of parking. The folks at Lakeside have been beyond generous for many years to our Chapter.

It is time to sign up if you plan to sell at our Swap Meet on Saturday, June 8th. Call me 303 680-3727 or Chuck Smith, 720 289-2896.

Safe Travels

Brian Golden